The Photos of Bill Miles - Part One - Flight Over Mahanoy City and Lakewood


In previous postings on this web site we have focused on the work of Malvina Hoffman, Harry Sternberg and Jack Delano. Malvina Hoffman sculpted the work in plaster, Miners Returning From Work, which can be found in the Mahanoy City Post Office. Harry Sternberg's drawing , Mahanoy City, Pa can be found in his collection entitled Coal and Steel . A link to Jack Delano's page can be found below. The work of Malvina Hoffman and Harry Sternberg can be seen on the Coal Mining Page . All three of these artists are world famous and had a connection to Mahanoy City. Two of the three - Sternberg and Delano - visited town in the 30's to paint and photogragh the life of coal mining families. Hoffman was commissioned to create a work for the newly completed Mahanoy City Post Office in 1937-38.


In the 1930's and 40's Mahanoy City had a number of amateur photographers who have left us a photo record of the past. Thanks to Janet Schock Kline, we are able to pass on to you some of the many photos taken by one of these photographers - Janet's uncle, Bill Miles . The pictures below combine two of Bill's great passions - airplanes and photography. These pictures were shot by Bill on a flight with family members that took off from the Hometown Airport in 1938. The airport was located across Route 54 ( Rt 45 then ) from where the Farmers' Market now stands.






Note: As far as I can determine, all the pictures below were taken by Bill on the same 1938 flight from Hometown.