June 2021 Minutes



A meeting of the Mahanoy Historical Society was held on June 24, 2021 at 7:10 pm at the  Rhoades Downtown Centre Mahanoy City, PA.

Attendance: Peg Coombe, Paul Coombe, Peg Grigalonis, Frank Senglar, Jim Bereczwick, Joan Goodman and Anne Evans.

The meeting was opened by Peg Grigalonis, V.P. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer by Paul Coombe.

The minutes from the April 29,2021 meeting were read and approved, after required changes were identified, by Paul Coombe and seconded by Frank Senglar.

Treasurer’s Report:
Paul Coombe presented a summary of the April and May 2021 finances. $100.00 donation by Ed. Miller: web site hosting $49.00 per year, Mahanoy Area donated $70.00 and Mahanoy Education $73.00 from dress down day.

Lithuanian Museum (Chicago) donated $530.00 for scanning project of the ( Saule ) Lithuanian newspaper.

Forty (40) banker boxes were purchased thru Amazon for storage projects

Ending Balance for April $30,779.40 and May $31,312.85

The treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Anne Evans and seconded by Frank Senglar.  All in favor of approval.


Paul Coombe thanked Diane Ambrose for 127  photo negatives from the Mahanoy City Photo Studio.
Get Well card signed by attendees for Society’s president, Charles Palulis – will be mailed by secretary.

Old Business:


1. Ardco -Paul Coombe discussed the room rental cost with Ettore DiCasmirro from Ardco. An agreement was reached for 2 years at $2,400.


2. Anne Evans and Frank Senglar identified two(2) areas on the building exterior surface in  need of repair

3 .Need for parking spaces identified


4. The rebinding of the 1890 Mahanoy City Residents Directory is finished and a check for$80.00 was sent to Wert Bookbinding  (second half of the $150.00 total)


5. Storage: Paul Coombe asked Champ Holman about a possible  storage area  for newspapers, tax records, etc.  Concern for  climate contro is a storage issuel. Lumber company could not promise permanent storage although 2nd floor has been cleaned and could accommodate short term temporary storage. Discussion of bank site for storage. Needs to be cleaned out. Other options hire KB recycle for $75.00.


6.Potential events- Kaier Park walk for late summer or early fall: Christmas tour tabled for September discussion.


New Business:


1. Lithuanian Day – Paul Domalakes family in charge of event. Dates August 14th and 15th. Admission $10.00 per person hours 12-6:00 pm; Vendors charged $150.00 plus $25.00 for electricity if needed. Lithuanian video produced by our historical society for sale $8.00.


Lakewood Camp Ground requested Lakewood books and selling them for $20.00. Our society will receive $15.00 per book sold. Roths are park owners have a son Andrew, have hired an event planner. 


Anne Marie Hanley has Lithuanian records she would like to donate.


Peg Grigalonis requested  staffing for event Paul Coombe Saturday 11:00-3:00 Jim Berezwick starts 2:00 or 2:30 and will stay until closing. Peg Grigalonis will be there both days. Hours may change closer to event.


2.Movies belonging to Lois Griffins were donated by the Brayfords. Tom and Susan Sheleer donated films belonging to John Murtin.


 3.Organization will act on previously approved motion of $1,000.00 for digitalization. Potential of selling product for Historical Society’s benefit.


    4. Copper wash tub donated by Joe Shemansik


    5.Historical society and Samsung TV made historical videos of the town for the town’s 150th anniversary. The borough found some  and will donate  them to us to sell.


    Motion to Adjourn: Frank Senglar and seconded by Paul Coombe

    Next meeting: September 30 at 7:00 pm at historical center.

    Submitted by ------- Anne Evans









    Another of Mahanoy City's historic buildings is now on the chopping block. The Saule building on West South Street will be demolished in the near future.




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