Mahanoy City Newspapers 1865-1969


Throughout its 150 year history Mahanoy City has been the home of more than a dozen newspapers. The newspaper publishing history of the borough began with the Mahanoy City Gazette in 1865 and ended with the closing of the Record American in 1969 .


In between were publications as varied as Saule (The Sun), the first newspaper in the world to be published in the Lithuanian language; The Mahanoy Press, the official publication of the United Mine Workers of District 9 and the Mahanoy Tribune, Schuylkill County's leading weekly paper in the late 1800's.


Copies of some of these old newspapers survive thanks to the efforts of Elwood M. Young . Mr. Young's collection of old newspapers were donated to the Mahanoy City Public Library. This collection has been digitized and is available to view at the Mahanoy Area Historical Society room in the as part of the Record American Newspaper Digitiztion Project.


The goal of this project was to scan the entire Record American collection from 1919 to 1969 - over 150,000 pages. The project was completed by Peg and Paul Coombe in the summer of 2013.











Mahanoy City's Newspapers 1865-1969



All the newspaper front pages below,except the Record American, are from the Elwood M. Young Collection


Courtesy of the Mahanoy City Public Library.


Note: A copy of Saule ( The Sun) was added on July 7, 2012


Saule was founded by Dominick T. Boczkowski and published its first edition on July 27, 1888.As Bill O'Brien wrote in the Evening Herald in 1988, "It was 100 years ago this year that the "Sun" began to provide illumination for the Lithuanian community of Mahanoy City...For 71 years, the Lithuanian "Sun" served readers throughout the anthracite region as well as in many states and across the ocean."

The Mahanoy Tribune was founded in 1865 as the Mahanoy Gazette. When the newspaper changed ownership in 1879, the name was changed to the Mahanoy Tribune. The Tribune was a weekly newspaper published every Saturday morning. For a time it was Schuylkill County's leading weekly and said to be the " Brightest Weekly Paper Published in the Interest of Mahanoy City and Her People."

The Mahanoy Valley Record began on November 2, 1871 . In 1872 it was sold to John Parker Sr., who represented the 30th District in the State Senate. It was a weekly paper until 1877.

The Tri Weekly Record was published by John Parker Sr. and John Parker Jr. It was published on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The Tri Weekly was sold in 1899 to Harrison Ball, Michael T. O'Connor and Thomas C. O'Connor, who was the editor. It merged with the American Tribune in 1919.

The American Tribune was a consolidation of the Daily American and the Mahanoy Tribune. It was published at 29-31 West Pine St..

The Daily American was begun circa 1890 and merged with the Mahanoy Tribune. The owner and editor was David M. Graham.

The Daily Record was established in 1871. It was published every weekday afternoon. The Editor and Manager was T. C. O'Connor.

The Mahanoy American was established in 1894. It was published every weekday evening. The proprietors were D.M. Graham, A.P. Seligman, H.F. Bushar and James J. Graham. H.F. Bushar was the Managing Editor.

The Daily Record was renamed the Mahanoy City Record in 1913. T.C. O'Connor remained as Editor and Manager. The company was now known as The Record Publishing Company of Mahanoy City.

The Mahanoy Press was" The Official Organ of the United Mine Workers Union of District # 9." It was established on July 29, 1922 and was published every afternoon, except Sunday. William E. Barr was the Managing Editor. Roy M. Edwards was the City Editor. It was owned by The Press Publishing Company of Mahanoy City and was located on Railroad Street one block west of Main Street.

The Record American was the eventual consolidation of many of the earlier newspapers. It was established in 1919 and closed in late 1969 - a run of about 50 years. It was bought by the Evening Herald of Shenandoah which itself was later purchased by the Pottsville Republican.

Tri Weekly Record - December 24, 1894

125 Years Ago


The Mahanoy Area Historical Society recently acquired digitized copies of the Tri Weekly Record from July 2, 1889 to June 30, 1894. That's five years of papers (over 3000 pages) that have been added to our digitial newspaper collection of over 100,000 pages. The Tri Weekly Record was one of the precursors of the Record American. Founded in 1871 by John Parker, the Tri Weekly had undergone a series of name changes over the years. See the diagram below for the evolution of Mahanoy City's newspapers. Click on the links below to read the Tri Weekly Record from 125 years ago this week and to read Bill O 'Brien and Lorraine Stanton's article about John Parker in the Mahanoy City Chronicles.






Tri Weekly Record- December 24, 1889


Honest John Parker- Mahanoy City Chronicles-1988