"Our Beloved Little City " was researched and written by C. David " Dave" Engle, grandson of longtime Mahanoy City High School and Mahanoy Area High School teacher and administrator Charles Engle. Charles Engle wrote, produced and directed the two historical pageants for Mahanoy City's 75th anniversary in 1938 and 100th anniversary in 1963. The 1938 pageant took place in the East End Park and the 1963 pageant took place at the West End Park.



Dave Engle has done a fantastic job of compiling the history of the two pageants. Reading the pages which follow will take you on a trip through Mahanoy City's past where you will encounter the names of many persons you know.



"Our Beloved Little City" holds a special place in my heart. My father William "Bill" Coombe appeared in the 1938 pageant as " the Peddler" and in 1963 he was on the pageant committee headed by Dave's grandfather.



Congratulations to Dave on the fine job he has done on "Our Beloved Little City "and thanks from the Mahanoy Area Historical Society for allowing us to place it as a page on our website.


PTC 3/16/2020