A meeting of the Mahanoy Area Historical Society was held on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 7 PM at the Rhoades Downtown Center.  Attending were Paul Coombe, Peg Grigalonis, Peg Coombe, Marylou Henninger, Virginia Motsko, Jim Shaup, Charles Palulis, and Ann Marie Evans.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer by Paul Coombe.


The minutes of the June 2017 meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Jim Shaup and seconded by Ann Evans.


The treasurer’s reports for June, July, and August were presented and approved on a motion made by Virginia Motsko and seconded by Marylou Henninger.  The report indicated a balance of $22,965.04 as of August 31. 2017.



1.  Thank you letter from Tom Ward on behalf of the Upper Schuylkill Band for the sponsorship.

2. Postcard from Arcadia Publishing notifying of a new book – “Lost Coal Country of Northeastern PA”.

3. Check received from the Marle Becker Estate.  Thank you/acknowledgment will be sent

4. SCVB – request to advertise in 2018 Visitors Guide.  No advertisement will be placed.

5. Letter from Seltzer Group Insurance advising a reevaluation of current coverage.  Paul Coombe will contact them in that regard.



Peg Grigalonis reported that there have been 52 contributors so far in 2017.   Recent accessions include a large number of binders from Frank Selgrath, and information on Lakewood Playhouse.



 1. The Kaier DVD set is ready and available for purchase at $20.  It will be advertised on Facebook and the website.  Paul Coombe will contact Brewerania Magazine to advertise, and Marylou Henninger will facilitate exposure through Brewers of PA.

1. Audit was successfully completed in July by Virginia Motsko and Betty Ann Chescattie.




 1. Discussion of accession procedure and storage.

2. Peg Grigalonis submitted the paperwork for the PA Council of the Arts grant.

3. A proposed house tour at the home of Ken Boyle was discussed.   Further details to be finalized at a later date.

4. Maria Stabio, owner of the Grier City school house has offered her building for a tour.  It was tentatively set for some time next spring.

5. Election of officers will be taking place in November or December.  Members were requested to come to the October meeting with suggestions for filling the ballot.

6. Gina Kennedy’s work on decorating the front window was acknowledged.

7. Paul Coombe has offered to build shelving for the storage room at the bank.  Help will be needed to clean out the room and dispose of unwanted large items.


The meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Jim Shaup and seconded by Virginia Motsko.

The next meeting will be an afternoon meeting at 3:15 on Friday, October 27. 


Peg Coombe, Secretary







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