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The town of Mahanoy Plane, in Gilberton Borough, was named for the inclined plane that carried coal from the Mahanoy Valley up the Broad Mountain to Frackville. The large building on the left of the photograph is the Union House Hotel, built in1863.















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New Boston is located on the Vulcan-Frackville highway near the intersection of the road leading to Mahanoy City. Houses were built c. 1864 on a New Boston Land Company tract. At the same time, the newly formed Mill Creek Coal Company proved that there were coal veins in the area worth mining. A railroad was built to connect with Delano, and a coal breaker was built in 1868. Prior to 1875, a school was built, as was done in many of the patches. Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited the house above when he was a young boy.












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Mahanoy Plane




Mahanoy Plane