Kaier Opera House


The Kaier Opera House, located at the corner of Main and Market Streets in Mahanoy City, opened in 1896. The building contained the theater, A.J.Kelly's Cafe, a stockroom, a lumber room, a dining room, and a dance hall. It was the proud showplace of the region until it was destroyed by fire on October 15, 1913. Margaret Kaier announced a new and better theater would be built at the same location; she died two months later and her plans were not fulfilled. Instead, the lot was sold to Chamberlain Enterprises for construction of the Victoria Theater in 1923.


Note: The two pictures on the bottom are not contained in the Images book. On the left is the Victoria Theater which was built after the Kaier Opera House burned down. This picture was taken shortly before the demolition of the Vic in the 1990's. The picture on the right shows the current site, the office of Dr. Francis Kane.








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