Top Photo - Spruce Street School


No picture remains of the first school built in the borough of Mahanoy City, although it is described in the writings of Augusta Dillman Thomas as a log structure on Spruce Street near Linden Street, with a middle aisle, rows of desks and benches on each side. Each bench was occupied by a half dozen or " as many as could be crowded thereon at times." In 1863, the brick Spruce Street School (pictured) was erected, and additions were added in 1875 and 1907. Originally, it had four rooms and four teachers. Within two years, the Mahanoy City school district had between 600 and 700 names on its rolls.The schools at that time were graded as primary, grammar, secondary and high.


Bottom Photo- 12th Street School


In 1893, the Eighth Street School was erected because of the growing student population in the east end of Mahanoy City. The school was located at the northeast corner of the present Pine and 12th Sttreets. It was renamed the Twelfth Street School in 1914 because of the change in street names. Inside the Twelfth Street School were eight classes, a small health room, a toilet, and storage facilities. There was no library, gym or cafeteria. The interior had beautiful wood trim and hardwood floors. Today a private residence replaces the school on its large lot.








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