Don't have a date? Why don't you head to Mt.Carmel with the guys? Looks like it's gonna be a great game!


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High School Eleven to Play at Mt. Carmel Tonight ( October 2, 1936)



High Eleven Scores Three Touchdowns to Defeat Mt. Carmel, 20-6 ( Saturday, October 3, 1936)




If you're really broke , I guess you'll have to stay home and listen to the radio.









Or wait until Thursday and head over to the Moose for Bingo.




And if you win big at Bingo, maybe next weekend you can do a little traveling.





















Is this the reason it took eighteen more years before the four minute mile was broken?



Date Night: 1936


Take a trip in the Way- Back Machine to 1936 in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania. How about dinner and a movie? Only have $2.00 ? No problem. Take your wife or girlfriend to any of the following establishments and then to the Vic, the State or the Elks Theaters. What's the tab? Dinner and a few drinks for two in any of the thirty-seven establishments listed below - less than a dollar. Movie tickets, popcorn and sodas for two at any of the three theaters - less than a dollar. Dinner and dancing instead ? Get hip to the live music at: the Grier Inn, the Log Cabin Inn, Luke's Grove Inn, the Moose Grill, the Echo Dale, the Paradise or Jack Hess's. The only question is - do you have two bucks?


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